VEDIKE Children's Home

VEDIKE Children's Home was initiated with the goal of providing stable housing, sanitation, food, clothing, school supplies, additional lessons and extra-curricular activities for underprivileged children, including orphans, from rural Bangalore. We began in 2012 with five at-risk boys and grew to 25 boys by 2016. However, over the past few years the Government and NGOs (including Vedike) have made tremendous efforts to improve the living situation of the poor and under-privileged, through initiatives such as housing and sanitation schemes, making it easier for families to take care of their children at home. This has made us rethink our strategy and focus on addressing the need for quality education through VEDIKE Global School. VEDIKE will continue to provide a home for the children currently living with us, but we are now focusing on expanding our School rather than our Children's Home.   

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