Global Citizens Learning Centre (GCLC)

VEDIKE partners with Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (GCSD) to run all the activities of the Learning Center. Through the GCLC, we aim to provide vocational/livelihood training for the local community in rural Bangalore and programs for Indian and International students/volunteers/interns to engage with rural development. GCLC hosts a variety of workshops and training, classes on Indian culture and development, community and cultural events, yoga classes and rural development programs.

The GCLC programs help to fund the Children's Home and Global School. All programs are specifically designed to meet individual/group needs and funding. If you are interested in any of our programs, please contact us.

To find out more about about our partner organisation, Global Citizens for Sustainable Development, please visit:

Community Development and Social Immersion Programs

VEDIKE currently hosts several volunteer/service learning programs for youth/university students. Participants are involved in working on community development programs in rural Bangalore, such as building homes and toilets in the villages surrounding VEDIKE, and working with the VEDIKE children. They can also take part in activities such as classes on Indian culture and yoga. 

Urban-Rural Bridge Programs

We also run rural immersion programs  for high schools in urban Bangalore to bridge the gap between urban and rural youth, focusing on the importance of sharing urban and rural knowledge.  

Vocational Education/Livelihood Training

We aim to build a Vocational Education/Livelihood Training Centre to increase the capacity of the local community in rural Bangalore. We will specifically focus on traditionally disempowered groups, such as women and dalits. The goal of the training will be to develop skills that will be useful in generating an income and providing for families. These skills include sewing, basic English and masonry work.   

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