VEDIKE Global School

Through the VEDIKE Global School, we aim to provide quality education for underprivileged children in rural Bangalore. We have applied for permission to begin the school in June 2018. 

Our long-term goal is for VEDIKE Global School to grow to 400 students from Kindergarten to Standard 10.

The school will follow the curriculum set by the Karnataka State Education Board. However, VEDIKE will focus on delivering quality education relevant to life in the 21st Century. Whilst providing essential foundational skills, students will also be involved in active and collaborative learning and develop higher-order thinking skills. As the Indian education system offers flexibility for private schools to run extra activities, VEDIKE will run activities focusing on environmental education, such as involving the students in sustainable gardening. The VEDIKE  students will be able to share fun, educational experiences with volunteers from all over the world  through the Global Citizens Learning Centre (see GCLC tab for more info).  

If you are a teacher or trainee teacher and would like to volunteer at VEDIKE Global School, please contact us.

For some context about why schools focusing on quality education are so important in rural Bangalore, please visit:

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