VEDIKE Global School (VGS)

Think Global Act Local

Vedike Global School (Pre-Primary and Primary) is recognised by the Government of Karnataka.

We opened our Pre-Primary (Nursery, LKG and UKG) School and Primary School (Standards/Grades 1-5) in the academic year 2018-2019. The school intends to keep growing until Higher Secondary (Standards/Grades 12/2PUC).

If you are a teacher or trainee teacher and would like to work/volunteer at Vedike Global School, please contact us by email

Quick Facts about VGS

  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Languages spoken by teachers: English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati
  • Co-educational
  • Provides scholarships for girls and children from underprivileged families
  • Focus: Quality education
  • Engaging, student-centred pedagogy
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Run by VEDIKE Charitable Trust
  • Private and independent

Vedike Global School Philosophy


The goal of Vedike Global School is to be a platform for change and to encourage students to 'think global, act local'. 

We believe that each child is important and has individual potential. We aim to help our students reach their potential through providing affordable, student-centred, quality education, with both local and global perspectives, using an English-medium and a holistic approach.

Vedike Global School is situated not far from Doddaballapur in rural Bangalore and will be open to all children from the surrounding village communities. However, we aim to target underprivileged children, such as those from families of a low socio-economic status, and children from traditionally disadvantaged groups. Our goal is to make quality education available to these children.

Vedike Global School will take a student-centred approach to education. We will cater for students’ different learning styles and interests. We aim to set and work towards specific learning goals for all students. We will provide support for struggling students and those with additional needs, as well as extensions for high-performing students. As a priority, we will seek to foster positive teacher-student relationships and an encouraging classroom climate.

We believe in the importance of providing quality education. At Vedike Global School we aim to foster deep understanding and higher-order thinking, rather than focusing on the memorisation of facts. Our goal is to provide engaging lessons, with students taking part as active learners. We will focus on skills that are important in the 21st century workplace, such as collaboration and creativity, as well as providing thorough preparation for board exams. 

At Vedike Global School we will highlight the importance of local knowledge, such as knowledge about the natural environment and resourcefulness. Students will be involved in environmental education lessons and encouraged to always look for practical solutions to problems at hand. We will also include global perspectives in our school, through teaching students about different countries and global issues, encouraging students to see themselves as global citizens and providing interactions with people from many different countries through the Global Citizens Learning Centre (see GCLC for more information). 

We believe in the importance of local languages and the need to preserve it and will therefore ensure that we have dedicated Kannada teachers. We will promote Kannada not just as a subject but also in our day-to-day and extra-curricular activities. However, we recognise that English has become the global language and that, as a result, students will have more opportunities in later life if they are confident in English. As a result, we will also have fluent English teachers and provide students with the opportunity to practise and use English inside and outside the classroom.

At Vedike Global School we will take a holistic approach to education and concern ourselves not only with our students’ academic progress, but also with their social, emotional, physical and creative development. We aim to help students connect to the VEDIKE community, the natural environment and foster humanitarian values, such as compassion and peace.

Why did we start VEDIKE Global School?

Although India has achieved a rise in school enrollments, studies show that children are still not learning in schools. The statistics from schools in rural areas are especially concerning (R1). STUDENT-CENTRED Schools focusing on providing QUALITY EDUCATION, particularly in rural areas, are desperately needed!

According to 2001 Census conducted by Government of India, Karnataka ranked 22 among 35 states in literacy, with 67.04% (male - 76.29% and female – 57.45%) (R2). Unfortunately, in a decade, there wasn't a significant change. According to the latest Census conducted by Government of India in 2011, Karnataka ranks 23 among 35 states in its rank of State literacy with 75.60% (R3).

Vedike Global School (VGS) is established in Kallinaikanahalli village in Gauribidnur Block of Chikballapur District, which has lower literacy rate than the average for Karnataka. In 2011, literacy rate of Kallinaikanahalli village was 67.66%, compared to the average of 75.60% in Karnataka. In Kallinaikanahalli, male literacy stands at 75.94% while the female literacy rate is 59.91 %.  In Kallinaikanahalli village, many of the villagers are from traditonally disadvantaged groups. Schedule Castes (SC) constitute 38.76% of the total population and Schedule Tribes (ST) constitute 4.42% (R4). In other nearby villages in the Gauribidnur Block of Chikballapur District, the percentage of families categorised as SC/ST is even higher. Moreover, the overall gender gap in literacy in in Gauribidnur Block of Chikballapur District is huge: male - 67.41%; and female – 45.38% (R2). 

VGS was started to educate and empower both girls and boys from Kallinaikanahalli village and other nearby villages in the Gauribidanur Block, where literacy rates are low and there are many more marganilised communities. 




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Vedike Pre-Primary School Classroom

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